Services by Amazon


Pool & Irrigation Services


POOL SERVICES - Amazon focuses on providing weekly swimming pool service, pool cleaning, pool stain removal, and pool repairs

IRRIGATION - In Cape Town, we know that the summer heat and dry conditions can result in a very undesirable yard. Amazon works hard using our system checks and upgrades to make sure your irrigation system is working to its fullest potential.


eeee   24/7 Emergency Service
Plumbing emergency ? Water leak ? Toilet stoppage ? Main line
stoppage ?You are one phone call away from the solution -
Professional emergency plumbing service, exactly when you need
us most.
LEAK DETECTION   Leak Detection
Being the cause for major issues from mold and sickness to
unstable and deteriorating foundation - leaks should be attended
to immediately.
Call us now for fast and professional leak detection and repair
plumbing installations   Appliances and fixture installation
From faucets and sinks to dishwashers and refrigerators, "Amazon
Plumbing" will provide a reliable and by code installation. If your
fixtures are old, or your appliances are new and upgraded, you
make the right call when you call us.
sewer   Sewer Line Services
Sewer line is usually a major project, you want a pro on your side
We provide rooting options such as snaking, hydro jetting, etc.
waterline repairs   Main Water Line
Many plumbing problems arise due to old, rusted galvanized pipe
system. Indications are low pressure, yellow/brown water and
constant ongoing leaks. Upgrade to copper !
We will solve your problem - simply contact us